SuperFolk Morin-Heights, which the first edition has been on August 26th and 27th 2017, is a folk music festival yearly recurrent on each last weekend of August, initially created by the singer-songwriter and producer Ian Kelly.

Coming back for a third edition on August 29th and 30th 2020, SuperFolk Morin-Heights is a gathering festival totally bilingual and familial. Installed at the bottom of the mountain, near the site where the legendary Commons Hotel got animated from the 60's to the 90's, this festival integrates to Basses-Laurentides by bringing back music into the heart of this rich musical past village.

The festival is free, bilingual, family-oriented and focuses primarily on valuing local artists and traders, while being anchored in the community of Morin-Heights. Different activities will be offered to both young and old. In order to keep the surprise, the programming artists will not be unveiled in advance.

The festival is easily accessible by foot or by bicycle. Festival-goers can use the footbridge that leads to the Aerobic Corridor via Route 364. Motorists will be able to use public parking facilities in the area, such as at the town library, Lummis Park, City Hall, or on Village Road.

SuperFolk Morin-Heights thanks all of its partners, including the official presenter, SiriusXM, an audio entertainment company.

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  • McAuslan

  • Godin

  • Megawatt

  • Brite-Lite

  • Député d’Argenteuil

  • Shootstudio

  • Rose Buddha

  • IGA Morin-Heights

  • InTempo Musique

  • Promo Nat Corbeil


  • Café White & Compagnie (Sandwich/ salades/ soupes/ Café)

  • Restaurant La Fouine (Fish & Chips)

  • Josi Smoothies

  • et plusieurs autres


  • Yoga Class

  • Tent for 0 to 5 years olds

  • PRFO (Skateboard)

  • Scouts

  • Knitting

  • Arts nature (arts and crafts)

  • FC MOrin-Heights (Soccer)

  • Historical Association

  • Godin (Guitares)

  • Rose Buddha (Yoga Apparel & Meditation)

  • Boutique Pichenotte (Jeux/ jouets)

  • SOMA pour le corp (savons, shampoing)

  • Les Essentiels (bijoux/ huiles essentiels)

  • L’Esprit (kits rituel/ sauge, cristaux)